Spanish Courses in Madrid

What’s included in our Spanish Courses in Madrid:

  • Initial level test
  • All the educational material
  • Tuition Services
  • Diploma at the end of the course. ( Madrid Plus is a private study centre and certificates issued by us do not carry official status).

We pride ourselves on offering a large variety of Spanish courses in Madrid. You can rest assured you will find the perfect course for your specific personal requirements.

Thanks to our highly qualified native teachers and our tried and tested teaching methods you are guaranteed to improve your language level with ease, whichever the course you decide to take.

Our Spanish courses in Madrid host a maximum of ten students per class and we always opt for smaller groups where possible to promote student participation and interaction between classmates. We pride ourselves on our multicultural environment where you will meet students from all over the world, from Germany or Italy through to further afield like Brazil or Japan.

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Part time Spanish courses

This type of course consists of two 45 minute lessons per day, from Monday to Friday, with a total of 10 lessons per week. Normally grammar will be taught and the lessons take place between 10.45 and 12.15.

Grammar lesson*Vocabulary lessonConversation lessonAfternoon
09:00-10:3010:45-12:1512:30-14:0017:00- 18:30


*It is possible to choose conversational classes or vocabulary sessions for those students who are not beginners

Standard Spanish Course

This type of course consists of four 45 minute lessons per day, Monday to Friday, with a total of 20 lessons per week. The classes teach both vocabulary and grammar.

Morning CourseContent
09:00-10:30Vocabulary / Conversation lesson
10:45-12:15Grammar lesson

If you wish, as an exception, you can choose to swap the vocabulary classes for intensive conversational classes after first consulting the school

Morning lessonsContent
10:45-12:15Grammar lesson
12:30-14:00Intensive Conversation lesson

 And for 2017, we have included a new programme: Afternoon Course

Afternoon lessonsContent
17:00-18:30Grammar lesson
18:45-20:15Conversation lesson




Intensive Spanish Course

The intensive course consists of six 45 minute lessons per day, Monday to Friday, with a total of 30 lessons per week. The timetable is from 09.00 to 14.00, with two breaks of 15 minutes each. It is possible to combine different Spanish courses, or to start with intensive and progress to standard or part time.

Morning CourseContent
09:00-10:30Vocabulary lesson
10:45-12:15Grammar lesson
12:30-14:00Conversation lessons

Business Spanish in Madrid

Our Business Spanish courses offer four 45 minute lessons per day plus an additional two 45 minute privated lessons of business-specific Spanish, from Monday to Friday. These lessons will be dedicated to the writing of commercial letters, communications within the company, telephone conversations, and vocabulary related to the field of economics, commerce, industry, etc.

Spanish classes for executives or employees

We have extensive experience in providing Spanish courses for business executives and company employees. These classes can be provided to either one or many employees and can focus on the exact requirements of the company. Some of the possible topics that can be covered are: Spanish for business, writing press releases, presentations, judicial Spanish, Spanish for cabin crew etc.

Individual Spanish Classes

If you need to learn more quickly this is the best course for you. You can decide on the number of classes you would like to have and get to choose the topics you would like to cover.

Online spanish lessons

Online spanish lessons

Private lessons focusing on grammar and speaking, according to the student’s requirements. Each Skype class lasts 45 minutes. The schedule can be agreed upon directly with the teacher, and all the homework is coordinated by email. You can buy a voucher of 5, 10, 15 or 20 private lessons and use them freely according to your needs.

*In exceptional circumstances the above timetable may be modified during high season