Method based on complete communication

Method based on complete communication

In order to learn to speak a language correctly, it is necessary to use a method based on complete communication. Learning in a motivating environment with the space for conversation and where one can express oneself are essential ingredients to motivating the student.

This method is used directly at Madrid PLUS. Significantly, Spanish is spoken as the teaching method, with other languages used as little as possible.

Vocabulary and grammar are learnt in context with both oral and written exercises provided by the school. Additionally, on the first day of the course the student will obtain a course book for classwork.

Great emphasis is placed on developing the oral abilities of the students. Between classes the student will have to prepare discussion topics and present themes to be debated in conversation classes.

Based on these considerations, we try to show both the lexical and grammatical contents within a context with the intention of enhancing the communicative skills of the students and improving their communicative competence.

The didactic material used will go in line with the communicative objectives marked, trying to make them attractive and interesting for the class: videos, You tube, different methods, magazines, newspapers, songs, movies, auditions of everyday situations... that will help our students to assimilate and reinforce vocabulary and grammar learned and that will facilitate both the understanding and the use of the language. As a support we use "Cuadernos de Gramática Española" from the publisher Difusión.

A fundamental part of the teaching-learning process is our teaching staff, whose training and experience support it. Our teachers are native speakers and their dedication to teaching Spanish as a second language is confirmed by their qualification and specific training in ELE. They are also trained in the preparation of the DELE exams.