Accommodation in Madrid

Our school offers four different types of accommodation in Madrid to guarantee your enjoy your stay as much as possible, ensuring you feel at home throughout your trip.

We know that after your classes and trips into the city you need a comfortable place to relax and recuperate. For this reason Madrid PLUS has found the best options to ensure your accommodation in Madrid is just to your liking.

You can choose between sharing an apartment with other students, staying with a host family where you’ll have the opportunity to practice your Spanish with natives who know the culture and lifestyle of Madrid, stay comfortably in a residence, or alternatively we can also give you accommodation options in one of our partner hostels.

All you have to do is choose the type of accommodation in Madrid that best suits your personal requirements.


If you choose to stay in one of our apartments you will be sharing a flat with other students, with whom you can build a lasting friendship and of course practice your Spanish! We have rooms in the same building as the language school, (meaning an extra level of comfort by not having to go very far to school), as well as shared apartments located in the central zone.

  • Rooms: single & double.
  • Board no included.
  • Facilities: shared bathroom, fully equipped kitchen & living room. Weekly cleaning.
  • Distance from School: Same building or within 30 mins.

Host family

On the other hand, if you are looking for complete immersion into Spanish culture we recommend staying with a host family. These families are well experienced in welcoming foreign students into their homes and are friendly and helpful. They are carefully chosen by our school to guarantee that you feel at home during your stay with them.

  • Single rooms..
  • Board: Breakfast. Half borad is possible.
  • Facilities: Typical of destination
  • Distance from School: 15-35 mins by public transport.


Another option for your time in Madrid is to stay in a residence. Our school has been working for many years with a university residence situated just 20 minutes away on foot. Here you will find every modern convenience to ensure that you enjoy your stay in the city, for example free internet, a library, games room and a television.

  • Rooms: single & double.
  • Board: half or full board.
  • Facilities: Shared bathroom, wifi, library, tv room. Weekly laundry.
  • Distance from School: 20 mins on foot.


A hostel is perhaps the type of accommodation in Madrid that will give you the most independence. Located very near to the school, it is yet another of the options that we can provide you with.

  • Rooms: single & double.
  • Board: not included.
  • Facilities: single bathroom.
  • Distance from School: very close to school.